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DIY Livery Cliff Farm DIY Livery clients have access to our selection of mucking out tools, a concrete wash pad, storage space for rugs, belongings and feed as well as secure storage for tack. Bedding, feed and hay or haylage can provided to our clients at Cliff Farm Livery yard at a reasonable cost, thus allowing our livery clients to avoid the hassle of collecting and storing these equine essentials on a regular basis. Our current bedding options are a wood pellet bedding which is low in dust and particularly good value, and standard wood shavings. To provide you and your horse with the very best livery conditions at Cliff Farm Livery we feel that straw should be avoided with our indoor stabling as dust will affect all horses stabled on livery indoors, not just those of clients who would elect to use straw bedding. Cliff Farm Livery provides the security of having on-site staff day and night. The livery yard is visited regularly by qualified farriers, vets, saddle fitters and dentists whom we can highly recommend although we are happy to be introduced to new service providers should you have a specific preference. We understand that horses and clients may cause slight accidental damage to facilities and so encourage livery clients to report all damage to us so that swift repairs may be facilitated. Clients at Cliff Farm Livery are invited to voice their suggestions, requests or concerns to the yard manager. Routine discussions between clients and staff are important to maintain a happy and efficient livery yard service. If you and your horse are looking for a quiet, relaxed livery yard near Lincoln Cliff Farm Livery is happy to have you on board! The well-planned layout at Cliff Farm Livery Yard includes stables, American Barn stabling, and tack storage facilities. The arena, jumping paddock, wash pad and comfort cabin are in close proximity. The 16 acres of individually fenced paddocks are adjacent to the arena, for convenient turning out. There is ample client car parking and trailer storage space at Cliff Farm Livery.
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